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From The Heart Of The Presiding Elder

All praise to God who had faithfully and favorably showered us with the richest of blessings in times past, and empowermed us to come this far by faith. It is with joy and excitement that I welcome you to the official website of the "Super Sensational" South Memphis District of the African Methodist Episcopal Church.

With the dramatic decline in moral standards, influence of mainstream news, and television journalism in the 21st century, there has also been an insatiable incline in the desire for 24/7 access to alternative news, social networking, and other information sources. Many use laptops, tablets, and smart phones to get connected - nationally and globally - via email, texting, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Skype, and other social networking venues.

God wants to use us to spread the Gospel through all forms of communication, including the World Wide Web. I pray you open your hearts and minds to receive what God had in store for you through the use of information technology.

It is my prayer that God equip you with new ideas, new programs, and cutting edge technology to enhance the growth of our churches.

As we prayerfully enter the horizon of the 138th session of the West Tennessee Annual Conference, let us stimulate, steer, and continue to sustain our district. Let us take on a “faith” way of life for a vision of Fulfilling the Great Commision!


Serving God with a Glad Heart,

Rev. Linda F. Thomas-Martin, Presiding Elder